REVATECH's operations are aimed at many public and private sectors.


Industry is REVATECH's main client, that is, all industrial sectors which produce industrial waste, i.e. practically all industries that are active in the production and service sectors, and also those with logistics and distribution centres.

Collectors and transporters

By their very trade, waste collectors are REVATECH’s second most important client group.

Public and related bodies

The public and private organizations are here the recovery organizations, but also both public and private partnerships active in the field of waste collection and processing, particularly those involved in incineration.

Intercommunal bodies

These are mainly intermunicipal companies involved in the incineration of household waste, but also those active in clearing drains and in co-generation plants.

Civil defence

REVATECH is a service company which, at the request of civil protection bodies, may be called upon to intervene in certain emergencies (pollution of watercourses, leaks in oil tanks, fires, etc.).

Environmental police

In emergency situations, REVATECH can be requisitioned by the Environmental Police to take waste posing a serious threat to man and the environment.